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The Masala Gypsies Return

The Masala Gypsy Dancers are returning for their 8th year at the Florida Renaissance Festival running every Friday and Saturday from February 7th to March 15th at Quiet Waters Park. This is one of our favorite events all year and we will bring you live music and dance three times a day on the Checkmate Stage. Come visit us! For more information go to

The Masala Gypsy Dancers

Sultry Summer Showcase 2013

Drum Bags and More

Terry’s Fine Handcrafts is owned by a local crafter who makes outstanding backpack style fitted bags for all of our doumbeks and riqqs.  She also creates customizable messenger bags and lots of other beautiful items.  We highly recommend her work and love supporting one of our local businesses.   Go check out her Etsy site at:

Drum Bags, Messenger Bags, and more.